Smith : Internet Law Regulations | 5th Edition


Smith : Internet Law Regulations | 5th Edition By Graham Smith

Author Graham Smith
Publication Date  Nov 2020
ISBN 9780414047891
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Description of Smith : Internet Law Regulations | 5th Edition:

The new, fifth edition of Internet Law & Regulation is the long-awaited new edition of the leading title in its field. The title presents an analysis of key areas of internet law & regulation from a UK perspective. It is fully updated including recent developments relating to GDPR, the Investigatory Powers Act 2016, eIDAS, online intermediary liability, including site blocking injunctions and updated UK and EU case law across all chapters.- 

Internet Law and Regulation:
  • Takes a comparative approach to themes that have arisen in relation to the Internet, providing detailed coverage of English law
  • Provides guidance on areas of importance such as encryption, obscenity, freedom of speech, tax and competition law
  • Contains helpful, practical guidance for both legal and non-legal audience
  • Includes extensive intellectual property law coverage, including Copyright and Confidential Information, Patents, Trade Marks, and Domain Names
  • Contains dedicated chapters on Defamation, Data Protection, Internet Payments, Tax and Competition Law
  • Takes the reader through issues with liability including both content liability and protection, as well as enforcement and cross-border liability
  • Discusses both the Communications Regulation and the Broadcasting Regulation
  • Contains detailed analysis on online contracting and auctions; and statutory requirements and international contracts
  • Covers prohibited and regulated activities, such as computer misuse, offensive communications and online safety, pornography and sexual offences, contempt of court, gambling, pharmaceuticals, and advertising and promotional activities
  • Written by cyberlaw expert Graham Smith and a team of contributors from leading law firm Bird & Bird

Table Of Contents of Smith : Internet Law Regulations | 5th Edition :

- Overview of the Internet.

- Copyright, Patents and Confidential Information.

- Trade Marks and Domain Names.

- Defamation.

- Content Liability and Protection.

- Enforcement and crossborder liability.

- Data Protection.

- Communications and Broadcast Regulation.

- Contracts bet.

- ISPs, Content Owners & Others.

- Electronic Contracts and Transactions.

- Payment Mechanisms for Internet Commerce.

- Prohibited and Regulated Activities.


Competition Law and the Internet.

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ISBN: 9780414047891

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