Sports Law In Malaysia: Governance & Legal Issues By Jady Zaidi Hassim

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Sports Law In Malaysia: Governance & Legal Issues By Jady Zaidi Hassim

Author Jady Zaidi Hassim
Publication Date Aug, 2018
ISBN 9789672049968
Hardcover + Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell
This book covers a wide range of sports-law topics, including sports justice and governance, civil and criminal liability, dispute resolution, anti-doping, intellectual property, image rights, sexual harassment, and sports marketing legal issues, as well as court cases and arbitral awards and discussions of recent national and international controversies.
Key Features
  • Provides a detailed explanation of Malaysian sports law.
  • Covers the wide variety of topics that make up sports law in depth.
  • Discusses and evaluates current issues in sports development.
  • The effect of the Sports Development (Amendment) Act 2018 revisions is discussed.
  • Other jurisdictions' perspectives are presented.
  • Written by a sports law expert with extensive experience.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Sports Law In Malaysia: Governance & Legal Issues

  1. Introduction: The Corpus of Sports Law
  2. Sports: Definition and Legal Development
  3. Sports Bodies: Constitutional Structure and Internal Procedure
  4. Sports Justice: The Legal Resolution of Sports Disputes
  5. Sports Liabilities: Tort and Criminal Issues
  6. Sports Career: Contract and Employment
  7. Sports Doping: The Legal Regulation of Drugs in Sports
  8. Sports Industry: Intellectual Property Rights and Commercialisation

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