Stephen King CELL


Stephen King CELL

Author Stephen King
Publication Date 2011
ISBN 9781473625754
Format Softcover
Publisher ONLYBOOK S.L


Civilization does not end abruptly or quietly. It everything comes to a head with a phone call. The Pulse, a signal broadcast through every operational cell phone that changes its owner into something... well, something less than human, happened on the afternoon of October 1. Brutal, violent, unthinking, and on the loose.

Act of terrorism? A cyber prank gone wrong? It makes little difference to those who were spared the technological attack.

They are only concerned about surviving the aftermath. Soon, a group of them—dubbed "normies"—had assembled on the grounds of Gaiten Academy, where the headmaster and one last student have something amazing and terrible to show them on the school's moonlit soccer field. Clearly, there is no way out. The only option is to confront them.

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ISBN: 9781473625754

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