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Termination of Employment - Understanding the Process 3rd Edition 

By Maimunah Aminuddin 

Publisher: CLJ

Termination of Employment - Understanding the process provides a clear explanation for every employer and human resources practitioner about how to terminate the services of an employee in a fair and proper manner. Dismissing a worker is probably the most unpleasant task that an employer has to face, but if the guidance and suggestions found in this book are followed carefully, the worker's rights will have been fully protected and there is less likelihood of an unwelcome legal claim being made against the employer.  

The book should also be useful reading for trade union leaders and workers who are interest to know their rights. It is written in straightforward language, minimizing legal jargon. Every chapter includes brief descriptions of relevant cases and incidents.

All aspects of termination of employment are discussed, including resignation by employees, retirement, dismissal for misconduct and poor performance, retrenchment, ending of a fixed - term contract, frustration of contract and constructive dismissal.

This edition includes complete examples of industrial court awards with commentary so that readers can appreciate how the industrial court writes and justifies its decisions. while landmark industrial court awards on termination of employment have been retained, a number of recent decisions handed down by the court have also been included in the text.