Termination Of Employment - Understanding the Process 3rd Edition


Termination of Employment - Understanding the Process 3rd Edition by Maimunah Aminuddin

Author Maimunah Aminuddin
Publication Date 2020
ISBN 9789674571405
Soft Cover
Publisher CLJ Publication

Understanding the Process of Termination of Employment provides a comprehensive explanation for every company and human resources practitioner on how to terminate an employee's services in a fair and proper manner. Dismissing a worker is perhaps the most painful chore that an employer has to undertake, but if the advice and ideas in this book are properly followed, the worker's rights will be fully safeguarded, and the possibility of an undesirable legal lawsuit against the company will be reduced.

Termination Of Employment is also recommended for trade union leaders and workers who want to learn more about their rights. It is written in plain English, with little legal jargon. Brief accounts of significant cases and situations are included in each chapter.

Employee resignation, retirement, dismissal for misbehaviour and poor performance, downsizing, the end of a fixed-term contract, contract frustration, and constructive dismissal are all mentioned.

This volume includes comprehensive instances of industrial court awards, as well as comments, so readers can see how the industrial court writes and defends its judgements. While several landmark industrial court awards on termination of employment have been preserved, the text also includes a number of contemporary court decisions.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Termination Of Employment

Chapter 1: Introduction To Termination Of Employment
Chapter 2: Arbitration At The Industrial Court
Chapter 3: Resignation And Retirement
Chapter 4: Termination Of A Probationer
Chapter 5: Termination For Poor Performance
Chapter 6: Retrenchment
Chapter 7: Dismissal As A Result Of MISCONDUCT
Chapter 8: Procedures For Investigating Misconduct
Chapter 9: The Domestic Inquiry
Chapter 10: Frustration Of Contract And Fixed-Term Contracts
Chapter 11: Constructive Dismissal

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ISBN: 9789674571405

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