The Annotated Trademarks Act 2019 by Indran Shanmuganathan

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The Annotated Trademarks Act 2019 by Indran Shanmuganathan


Indran Shanmuganathan

Publication Date Feb 2021
ISBN 9789672919278
Format Softcover + Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


The Trademarks Act of 2019 repealed the Trade Marks Act of 1976, paving the path for Malaysia's accession to the Madrid Protocol. The Trademarks Act 2019 is a significant modification to Malaysia's trademark regime, bringing it in line with trademark laws in other important jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom and Singapore.

The Annotated Trademarks Act 2019 is a great resource that gives section-by-section annotations to the Trademarks Act 2019, shedding light on the application and interpretation of the Act's provisions. It is undoubtedly a resource that will substantially aid in the comprehension and use of Malaysia's new trademark system.

Each section's main concepts and phrases are explained using local and international case law, as well as academic literature. With the addition of cross-references from the provision being annotated to comparative provisions from other jurisdictions, this publication promotes rapid and easy research. Lawyers, judges, trademark agents, court officers, and law students should find the annotations extremely valuable.

There is no doubt that this publication will serve as an excellent reference that is insightful, practical, and authoritative, enabling a confident understanding of the Act's workings. It was written by a legal practitioner with vast knowledge and experience on matters relating to Intellectual Property Law, and who was awarded the Asialaw Regional Award 2019 for Outstanding Practitioner in Malaysia.

KEY FEATURES of The Annotated Trademarks Act 2019: 

  • Annotations to the Trademarks Act, section by section, written in a basic and straightforward language.
  • Case authorities are cited frequently in the annotations.
  • The Trademarks Regulations' procedural requirements are included to supplement the Act's operation.
  • All defined terms have direct cross-references to the section where each definition can be located.
  • Where available, comparative laws from Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Australia Trademark legislation are supplied to facilitate further research.
  • Clear page instructions aid the user in quickly and efficiently locating a certain section or Part of the Act.
  • A complete index is included for convenient access to the annotations.
  • The Trademarks Regulations 2019 are included in their entirety.

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