The Art of Cross Examination, 4th Edition by Francis L. Wellman


The Art of Cross Examination, 4th Edition by Francis L. Wellman

Author Francis L. Wellman
Publication Date November, 1997
ISBN 9780684843049
Soft Cover , 480 pages
Publisher Touchstone


The contemporary methods in the legal profession have discouraged courtroom eloquence, but "The Art of Cross Examination" aims to revive the powerful oratory skills of the past for today's lawyers. Modern juries no longer find oratory as effective in swaying opinions, but this book seeks to change that.

Published in 1903, the book showcases the cross-examinations of significant witnesses from renowned cases. Wellman, a prominent trial lawyer from the late 19th century, shares insights drawn from his own experiences and those of other esteemed lawyers. He explains and illustrates the principles of questioning, citing numerous memorable cases to demonstrate the art and substance of cross-examination. Addressing the handling of deceitful witnesses and experts, he emphasizes the significance of the sequence of questions and delves into the psychology of witnesses. Wellman underscores the crucial skill of knowing when to extract information and when to refrain, highlighting its pivotal role in the advocate's artistry.

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ISBN: 9780684843049

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