The Digital Estate, 1st Edition by Leigh Sagar

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The Digital Estate, 1st Edition

Author Leigh Sagar
Publication Date March 2018
ISBN 9780414061903
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell 


The Digital Estate investigates the rights and responsibilities that come with digital information travelling from, to, and through computing and other devices controlled and owned by fiduciaries such as trustees, personal representatives, and lasting and other attorneys.

Key features of The Digital Estate:

  • A step-by-step guide to managing your digital assets.
  • The book examines the rights and obligations associated with digital information flowing from, to, and through computing and other devices managed and held by fiduciaries, such as trustees, personal representatives, lasting and other attorneys, partners, and business directors.
  • Provides realistic solutions to challenges that an individual and his personal representatives may encounter in ensuring asset succession and the safe transmission of information that would otherwise be erased, locked, or lost.
  • The practitioner is guided through pre-death precautionary procedures using wills.
  • Considers the challenges that occur when a person dies with assets or information stored on the internet.
  • The steps for administering digital assets during probate are covered.
  • Claims and recovery are covered, as well as expenses and proceedings.
  • Personal representatives, trustees, agents, and attorneys are among the positions covered under administration.
  • Includes clear practical guidance on the measures that should be taken or considered in the administration of digital information or assets, as well as a part on drafting for the digital estate, which includes precedents for will drafting and Lasting Powers of Attorney.
  • Examines the principles of English law that determine the proprietary nature of information, taking into account how other countries, such as the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, address this subject.
  • Identifies and investigates the property rights that are associated with information. Intellectual property rights, contractual rights, and other rights, such as bitcoin and blockchain technology, are among them.
  • Investigates the principles that apply to the usage of non-proprietary digital information.
  • Analyzes the regulatory implications of digital information control or use, including data protection, financial regulation, and computer misuse.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of The Digital Estate, 1st Edition

Chapter 1: Introductory;
Chapter 2: Fiduciaries;
Chapter 3: Electronic Documents and Signatures;
Chapter 4: Information as Property;
Chapter 5: Cloud Technologies;
Chapter 6: Intellectual Property;
Chapter 7: Virtual Finance;
Chapter 8: Drafting for the Digital Estate

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ISBN: 9780414061903

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