The Employment Act 1955: An Annotation By S Chandrarajan


The Employment Act 1955: An Annotation

Author S Chandrarajan
Publication Date Oct 2017
ISBN 9789672049494
Softcover + Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


A clear manual for both companies and employees.

The Employment Act of 1955 is the country's most important labour law, and both employers and employees frequently consult it to confirm their rights and obligations with regard to labor-related matters. S Chandrarajan's The Employment Act 1955: An Annotations is an unusual despite the fact that there has been much written about our labour laws generally. Readers will get insight from the author's extensive expertise in administering the Act while working for the government, which is expressed in an easy-to-read language.

The book discusses the Act and three of its most significant related regulations, laying out its goals and reasons, discussing nearly every provision, and making clear the reasoning and guiding principles underlying each. The author provides insightful, thorough, and engaging commentary on a number of laws. It provides the required information so that an employer can deal with personnel management within the parameters of the Act and steer clear of problems. It also provides the fundamental information about the employee needed to confirm his rights and obligations and protect his interests.

The Employment Act 1955: An Annotation is a necessary addition to the libraries of employers organisations, a crucial resource for workers and trade unions, and a necessary companion for law students, particularly those wishing to specialise in employment law. It is clearly written, factual, and easy to understand.
Has annotations for:

  • 1957 Employment Regulations.
  • 1980 Regulations on Employment (Terminations and Layoff Benefits).
  • Regulations on Employment (Part-Time Employees) from 2010.

KEY FEATURES of The Employment Act 1955: An Annotation By S Chandrarajan:

  • A section-by-section analysis of the Act and the principal Regulations that are relevant to it. 
  • written in an easy-to-read, plain manner.
  • a list of the key elements of the Act's provisions.
  • A Quick Summary of Fringe Benefits.

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ISBN: 9789672049494

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