The HR Managers Handbook, 2nd Edition by T. Balasubramaniam | 2024


The HR Managers Handbook, 2nd Edition

Author T. Balasubramaniam
Publication Date 2024
ISBN 9789674571818
Soft Cover 
Publisher CLJ Publication


This book serves as a comprehensive guide for Human Resource practitioners, offering practical advice on various aspects of HR management.

It begins with guidance on creating an Employee Handbook and provides a sample. The subsequent chapters cover topics such as the Domestic Inquiry Procedure, calculations under the Employment Act 1955, termination of employment, recognition claims from unions, collective bargaining, and FAQs on relevant laws like the Employment Act 1955 and the Industrial Relations Act 1967. Additionally, it includes the Code of Conduct for Industrial Harmony for easy reference.

The author, T. Balasubramaniam, boasts extensive experience in industrial relations since 1961, with qualifications in Social Science (Econs) and LLB (Hons). He founded Meca Employers Consulting Agency and has served on the National Labour Advisory Council. Balasubramaniam has also lectured at various universities and authored several books on labour law.

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ISBN: 9789674571818

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