The Interpretation of Contracts, 4th ed


The Interpretation of Contracts, 4th ed

Author Kim Lewison
Publication Date
December 2007
ISBN 9781847033550
Hard Cover 
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

The latest edition of this esteemed publication offers an extensive exploration of contract interpretation, a cornerstone in the realm of law. It serves as a valuable resource for individuals involved in drafting, revising, or offering counsel on written agreements.

  • Each chapter succinctly presents key principles, followed by in-depth explanations, facilitating quick access to necessary information.
  • The text reinforces these principles with case citations seamlessly integrated within the content.
  • Widely acknowledged in legal circles, this text is frequently referenced in court and offers a comprehensive analysis of contract interpretation rules.
  • Its thorough revision includes the incorporation of 230 new cases.
  • Its clear structure ensures easy navigation, providing practical insights for anticipating outcomes in contractual disputes.
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ISBN: 9781847033550

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