The Law-Making Process, 7th Edition By Michael Zander | 2015


The Law-Making Process, 7th Edition

Author Michael Zander
Publication Date March 2015
ISBN 9781849465625
Format Softcover
Publisher Hart Publishing


This work is unparalleled as a critical examination of the legislative process. For more than three decades, it has filled a vacuum in the requirements of law students and others taking introductory courses on the legal system, and it is now in its seventh version.

It covers every part of the legislative process, including legislation preparation, passage through Parliament, statutory interpretation, binding precedent, how precedent works, law reporting, the nature of the judicial function, European Union law, and the law reform process.

It includes a huge number of original texts from many sources, including instances, official reports, essays, books, speeches, and empirical research studies, as well as the author's educated analysis and observations on the issue. This book is a gold mine of knowledge, covering both the big picture and the finer points of the subject.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of The Law-Making Process, 7th Edition

1. Legislation: The Whitehall Stage
2. Legislation: The Westminster Stage
3. Statutory Interpretation
4. Binding Precedent: The Doctrine of Stare Decisis
5. How Precedent Works
6. Law Reporting
7. The Nature of the Judicial Role in Law-Making
8. Other Sources of Law
9. The Process of Law Reform

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ISBN: 9781849465625

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