The Law of Contract in Singapore, 2nd Edition (2 Volumes)


The Law of Contract in Singapore, 2nd Edition (2 Volumes)

Author Andrew Phang Boon Leong (General Editor) and team of expert contributors
Publication Date 2022
ISBN 9789811835414
Softcover (2,370 pages)
Publisher Singapore Academy of Law

The first edition of this book was the first textbook on Singapore contract law that was written for a local audience. Offering a comprehensive and structured discussion of all aspects of Singapore contract law, it quickly became one of the leading texts preferred by local practitioners and students. This second edition not only maintains this fine form but builds on it. The book continues to draw, wherever applicable, on salient decisions from other Commonwealth jurisdictions (particularly with regard to areas of Singapore contract law that are not well settled or which may benefit from comparative contract jurisprudence). In addition, the book contains references to relevant secondary literature as well as suggestions for reform, where applicable and necessary.

The second edition of this work takes into account many developments in the case law. These include those in respect of consideration, no oral modification clauses, contractual interpretation, implied terms, anticipatory breach, mistake, contractual illegality, the doctrine of unconscionability, and various aspects of the law relating to damages (including liquidated damages).

Given its comprehensive treatment of Singapore contract law as well as its reference to a wide range of comparative material, this book will be most useful not only to local practitioners and students but also to practitioners and students from other common law jurisdictions.

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ISBN: 9789811835414

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