The Law of Costs in Civil Proceedings, 2nd Edition

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The Law of Costs in Civil Proceedings, 2nd Edition BY Dr Andrew Chew Peng Hui

Author Dr Andrew Chew Peng Hui
Publication Date Jun 2017
ISBN 9789670915463
Hardcover + Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

Costs are a significant consideration for both the attorney and the client. The Law of Costs in Civil Proceedings is the only book in Malaysia that covers this topic thoroughly. It is authored by a prolific writer who is also an accomplished court lawyer. The book's worth comes from its clear understanding of the law. There are also numerous citations of instances from various countries, including Malaysia, England, Singapore, and Australia, as well as constant references to pertinent statutory requirements. This book will surely be a must-read due to the abundance of information given.


  • Updated to include the 2012 Rules of Court requirements.
  • Considers new cases that examine how the new court rules are applied.
  • The new assessment bases introduced by the Rules of Court 2012 are discussed.
  • Case law provides advice on how judges should utilise their discretion in allocating expenses.
  • There are several references to instances from Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Australia that have resulted in similar revisions in court rules.
  • Costs for procedures before the Special Commissioners of Income Tax have been included to the book.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of The Law of Costs in Civil Proceedings, 2nd Edition

Part One - General Principles
Chapter 1: Costs in Civil Proceedings
Chapter 2: Preliminaries
Chapter 3: Non-Contentious Business Costs
Chapter 4: Contentious Business Costs: Solicitor and Client Costs
Chapter 5: Contentious Business Costs: Party and Party Costs
Chapter 6: Offer to Settle and Calderbank Offer
Chapter 7: Security for Costs
Chapter 8: Protective and Punitive Costs Orders
Chapter 9: Costs of Adjournment and Discontinuance
Chapter 10: Costs of Action or Proceedings
Chapter 11: Fixed Costs – Appendix Costs and Scale Costs
Chapter 12: Costs of and Incidental to Proceedings and
Antecedent Costs
Chapter 13: Entitlement to Costs
Chapter 14: Getting-up
Chapter 15: Review and Appeal
Chapter 16: Proceedings in Respect of Costs
Chapter 17: Costs in the Subordinate Courts
Chapter 18: Costs of Appeal

Part Two - Costs of Specific Proceedings
Chapter 19: Costs of Proceedings under the Companies Act 2016
Chapter 20: Costs in Bankruptcy Proceedings
Chapter 21: Costs in Execution Proceedings
Chapter 22: Costs in Arbitration Proceedings
Chapter 23: Costs of Proceedings Under the Government
Proceedings Act 1956
Chapter 24: Costs in Charge Proceedings
Chapter 25: Costs of Proceedings Relating to Private Caveats
Chapter 26: Costs in Public Interest Litigation
Chapter 27: Costs in Land Acquisition Proceedings
Chapter 28: Costs in Litigation Proceedings by Legally Aided Persons,
Paupers and Vexatious Litigators
Chapter 29: Costs of Election Petitions
Chapter 30: Costs of Interpleader Proceedings
Chapter 31: Costs of Application for Return of Goods Seized
under the Customs Act 1967
Chapter 32: Costs of Proceedings before the Special Commissioners of
Income Tax and Appeals therefrom


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