The Law of Evidence, 5th Edition


The Law of Evidence, 5th Edition By Lan Dennis 

Author Dennis
Publication Date May, 2013
ISBN 9789384746445
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

The fifth edition of this popular textbook examines the law of evidence in depth while also setting the subject in its theoretical perspective.

  • The law of evidence is examined as the subject is placed in its theoretical perspective.
  • From the introduction of basic principles through the exclusionary provisions of the law of evidence, the information is presented in a logical order.
  • Provides an integrated evidence method that includes critical doctrinal examination.
  • Evidence theory, psychological research on information retrieval and processing, socio-legal work on police investigations, and jury research initiatives are all taken into consideration.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of The Law of Evidence, 5th Edition

Part One: Understanding evidence: The foundations of law
Part Two: Obtaining evidence: Pre-trial procedures and the regulation of access ;
Part Three: adducing evidence: Trial procedures and the principles of proof
Part Four: Using evidence: The scope and limits of exclusionary rules

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ISBN: 9789384746445

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