The Law of Motor Insurance by S. Santhana Dass

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The Law of Motor Insurance by S. Santhana Dass

Author S. Santhana Dass
Publication Date 2010
ISBN 9789839908350
Format Hardcover
Publisher Marsden Law Book Sdn Bhd

TABLE OF CONTENTS of The Law of Motor Insurance

Chapter 1       Compulsory Motor Insurance Under The Road Transport Act 1987
Chapter 2       Policy Required To Be Taken Out Under Road Transport Act 1987
Chapter 3       Statutory Duty of Insurer To Satisfy Judgements
Chapter 4       The Motor Insurers' Bureau
Chapter 5       Procedure For Motor Insurance Claims
Chapter 6       Formation of Contract
Chapter 7       The Motor Policy
Chapter 8       Section 'A' of The Policy - Loss or Damage To Vehicle
Chapter 9       Section 'B' - Liability To Third Parties
Chapter 10     General Exceptions (Exclusions)
Chapter 11     Conditions
Chapter 12     Endorsements
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SKU: 3098796608 ISBN: 9789839908350

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