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The Law of the Internet, 4th Edition

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The Law of the Internet, 4th Edition By Paul Lambert 

Author Paul Lambert 
Publication Date 2015
ISBN 9781847668943

The free flow of information and services around the world via the Internet constantly creates new issues and problems, such as rules of jurisdiction and applicable law and how new products and services should be regulated.

The Laws of the Internet is a key legal text book covering laws relevant to the Internet including ecommerce, copyright, online contracting, data protection and content related issues. It approaches this complicated area in a clear and straightforward way whilst addressing more difficult issues for which there is sometimes no legal history as yet or at best very little.

The text for the new 4th edition will be updated throughout including specific coverage of:

  • Social media and networking
  • Interflora v Marks & Spencer and other keywords case law
  • New distance selling regime requirements
  • Impact of changes in data protection legislation
  • Virtual goods



1. Introduction

2. Contract

3. Tort

4. Intellectual Property

5. Crime

6. Data and data protection

7. Taxation

8. Competition law and the internet

9. Regulation and regulated activities


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