The Process of Criminal Justice, 2nd Edition


The Process of Criminal Justice, 2nd Edition

Author Lee Chong Fook, Mazlifah Mansoor & Che Audah Hassan
Publication Date 2014
ISBN 9789674002565
Format Softcover
Publisher LexisNexis


The much-awaited update to The Process of Criminal Justice's first edition is this book (Part II). It offers a thorough examination of Malaysia's criminal justice system's judicial phase. This book goes beyond the usual of describing procedure and principles, mentioning legislation and case law, unlike other publications on criminal procedure. Along with the rights, obligations, and duties of persons participating in the criminal justice system, themes of larger importance are also covered, including:

- management of cases
- Recognizing and accepting evidence
- sentence-passing and appeals

Similar to the first edition, the authors' method of breaking down the criminal justice system into basic parts based on prosecutorial or judicial duties gives the reader enough acquaintance with the procedures involved in criminal justice.

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ISBN: 9789674002565

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