Thornton's Legislative Drafting 6Th Edition | 2022

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Thornton's Legislative Drafting 6Th Edition | 2022 By Helen Xanthaki 


Author Helen Xanthaki
Publication Date 21 Jul 2022
ISBN 9781526518910
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing


Description :

You need a guide that will assist you with both the conventional and contemporary methods of producing high-quality statutory law if you are participating in the making or revising of legislation in the Commonwealth, the EU, or elsewhere.

Legal officers and drafters aroundhe world utilise and refer to Thornton's Legislative Drafting as the premier professional title in this field.

The new sixth edition, which has been entirely revised and updated, fully covers current drafting advancements and innovations.

The new 6th edition is completely updated and includes additional chapters on the following topics in addition to the extensive, knowledgeable, and professional advice and examples of best and worst practises:

- Legislation as a Tool for Regulation
- Transposition of EU Legislation
- Pre- and post-legislative scrutiny: the lifecycle of legislation

Thornton's Legislative Drafting helps the reader to:

- Identify the aim of legislation as one of the regulatory tools
- Align their concept of legislative quality with that of effectiveness of legislation
- Use effectiveness as the criterion for resolving drafting dilemmas
- Apply the effectiveness doctrine to all aspects of legislative drafting
- Earn exposure to examples of best and bad practice drawn from a plethora of jurisdictions
- Earn awareness of best practice in aspects of legislative drafting worldwide
- Understand the “why” behind legislative conventions, thus becoming equipped with the tools for their application in practice.


Table Of Content  :

1 Legislation as a tool for regulation
2 Words
3 Syntax and punctuation
4 Style
5 Specific matters of style
6 Miscellaneous words and expressions
7 Interpretation Acts
8 The drafting process: Part 1
9 The drafting process: Part 2
10 Formalities and arrangement
11 Preliminary provisions
12 Powers and duties
13 Substantive and administrative provisions: Part 1
14 Substantive and administrative provisions: Part 2
15 Substantive and administrative provisions: Part 3
16 Supplementary provisions
17 Penal provisions
18 Final provisions
19 Amending legislation
20 Subordinate legislation
21 Transposition of EU legislation
22 Pre- and post-legislative scrutiny: The lifecycle of legislation


ISBN: 9781526518910

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