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Tolley’s Company Law Handbook

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Tolley’s Company Law Handbook by Robert Wareham

Author Robert Wareham
Publication Date 2009
ISBN 9781474317870


Publisher: LexisNexis

“Tolley’s Company Law Handbook” gives practical guidance on all aspects of company law from the company perspective, at an operational level. This title helps you comply with the latest legislation, covering everything from annual accounts and auditors to meetings, acquisition of own shares, directors and company names – all that anyone dealing with company law matters will need. A-Z format, written in a familiar user-friendly and accessible style. Updates to this edition include: coverage of the Companies Act 2006 changes in effect; appendices at the end of most chapters to take account of previous legislation (most notably the Companies Act 1985) covering the period of transition from the old law to the new law; and, the procedures on a company’s formation and its constitution. The memorandum of association is no longer of such importance and there are new model articles for companies formed on or after 1 October 2009. These new articles (and those under the Companies Act 1948 and Companies Act 1985) are reproduced in this edition. It includes a discussion of revised provisions on company names from 1 October 2009 including length and permitted characters, objections to names on grounds of similarity, and rules for changing names by special resolution. It features a review of the other provisions of the Companies Act 2006 which come into force with effect from 1 October 2009 which include those relating to shares and share capital, purchase of own shares, overseas companies, charges, and dissolution and restoration.


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