Tolley’s Company Law Handbook


Tolley’s Company Law Handbook by Robert Wareham

Author Robert Wareham
Publication Date 2009
ISBN 9781405778725
Publisher LexisNexis


"Tolley's Company Law Handbook" provides practical assistance on all aspects of company law from a company's operational standpoint. This publication assists you in complying with current legislation by covering everything from annual accounts and auditors to meetings, the acquisition of own shares, directors, and company names - everything that anyone dealing with company law issues will require.

Tolley’s Company Law Handbook is organised in an A-Z structure and written in a user-friendly and accessible language. This edition has been updated to include coverage of the Companies Act 2006 changes in effect; appendices at the end of most chapters to account for previous legislation (most notably the Companies Act 1985) covering the period of transition from the old to the new law; and procedures for forming and forming a company. The memorandum of association is no longer as important, and for businesses founded on or after October 1, 2009, there are new model articles.

This edition includes the new articles (as well as those under the Companies Acts of 1948 and 1985). It covers length and allowable characters in company names, objections to names based on resemblance, and procedures for changing names by special resolution, all of which go into effect on October 1, 2009. It also includes a review of the other provisions of the Businesses Act 2006 that take effect on October 1, 2009, such as those relating to shares and share capital, purchase of own shares, offshore companies, charges, and dissolution and restoration.


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ISBN: 9781405778725

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