Trade Unions Act 1959 (Act 262) & Regulations [As At 25th June 2022]

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Trade Unions Act 1959 (Act 262)



[As At 25th June 2022]

An Act relating to trade unions.

Detailed Contents of Trade Unions Act 1959 (Act 262):

The creation, registration, and operation of trade unions in Malaysia are governed by the Trade Unions Act 1959 (Act 262) and its associated Regulations (as of June 25, 2022). The Act and Regulations sets out the steps for the registration and administration of trade unions in Malaysia and provide a framework for the protection of employees' rights to organise and join unions.

The Trade Unions Act of 1959 and its Regulations include the following major elements:

  1. Establishment and registration of unions: The Act outlines the procedures for these actions in Malaysia. If a trade union has ten or more members who work in the same field, it is eligible for registration. The Rules outline the procedures for submitting an application for trade union registration, including the paperwork that must be provided, how it must be presented, and the registration cost.
  2. Membership: The Act and Regulations outline the privileges and responsibilities of trade union members, including the right to take part in their organization's activities, the requirement to pay dues, and the privilege to cast a ballot in union elections.
  3. Management of trade unions: The Act and Regulations outline the steps for managing trade unions, including choosing and removing union representatives, running union meetings, and submitting annual reports to the Registrar of Trade Unions.
  4. Collective bargaining: According to the Act, unions have the right to negotiate collectively with employers on behalf of their members. The Regulations outline the steps involved in collective bargaining, as well as the notice and negotiating processes.
  5. Resolution of disputes: The Act and Regulations outline the conciliation and arbitration processes that may be used to settle issues between employers and unions. The Rules also lay out the processes for enforcing awards and the consequences for breaking them.
  6. Funds held by unions: The Act and Regulations address how these funds should be managed and audited, as well as the necessity for unions to have separate accounts for these money.

Overall, the Trade Unions Act of 1959 and its Regulations offer a framework for the defence and advancement of workers' rights to establish and join unions and guarantee that unions function openly and truthfully. The Act and Regulations also promote the peaceful resolution of conflicts between trade unions and employers, and ensure that trade unions have the required legal procedures to protect their members' rights.

Trade Unions Act 1959 (Act 262) & Regulations Contains:

Trade Unions Act 1959 (Act 262)
Trade Unions Regulations 1959

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