Trumped: The Wonderful World & Wisdom Of Donald Trump


Trumped: The Wonderful World & Wisdom Of Donald Trump

Author Holland Publishers New (Compiler)
Publication Date 2016
ISBN 9781742578965
Soft Cover 
Publisher New Holland Publishing

Enter the delightfully eccentric universe of Donald Trump through the pages of this book and uncover the wisdom imparted by the man himself. Donald J. Trump, a self-made billionaire, reality TV icon, GOP candidate, and contender for the US presidency, embodies a force of nature— and that's just addressing his distinctive hairstyle! Known for his magnetic presence in the media, Trump's career spans decades, with a continual stream of memorable quotes. His political journey escalated to new heights when he announced his GOP candidacy in 2015, setting the stage for a series of quotes, strategic moves, and unparalleled competition, all meticulously chronicled in this new publication.

"Trumped: The Wonderful World and Wisdom of Donald Trump" stands as an invaluable record for generations to come, compiling every noteworthy quote from one of the most quotable figures globally. Regardless of Trump's outcome as a presidential candidate, it's a retrospective reflection that prompts the question, "What exactly transpired?!" Whether referred to as 'Trump,' 'Droompf,' or 'F**ckface Von Clownstick,' there's only one Donald J. Trump.

The book features a special section highlighting hair-raising moments, including a tweet from November 7, 2012, exclaiming, "It's freezing and snowing in New York- we need global warming!" Additionally, it showcases Trump's notable statements such as, "My fingers are long and beautiful, as, it has been well documented, are various other parts of my body," from a 2011 New York Post interview. Another memorable quote reflects his opinion on golf and tradition, stating, "It's like in golf... I am a traditionalist," in a comment about long putters and gay marriage in May 2011.

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ISBN: 9781742578965

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