Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Fake Facts


Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Fake Facts

Author Bathroom Readers' Institute
Publication Date 2012
ISBN 9781607105596
Soft Cover 
Publisher Portable Press

The unruly team at the Bathroom Readers’ Institute has gone rogue. After diligently researching and double-checking facts for 25 years, Uncle John’s playful crew decided to let loose. The outcome? "Fake Facts." These are entirely fabricated pieces of information that sound convincingly real. Why? Simply because they're uproariously humorous. "Fake Facts" comprises 228 pages filled with origins, facts, bizarre products, peculiar illnesses, quirky trends, slang phrases, historical quirks, and other captivating snippets of information that are too fantastic to be believed... because they're not true. So, set aside your skepticism and dive into a world where you'll read about:

* The ill-fated “Vice President For a Day” for kids program
* How the overfishing of dolphins led to the canned tuna industry
* “Crumble,” “plaidsy,” “benji,” and other British slang
* Abandoned rules of early baseball, and obscure rules of grammar
* How early vegetarians gave Boston its “Beantown” nickname
* The secret superpowers of twins
* James Joyce’s unpublished sci-fi trilogy
* Unicorns, wizards, and pirates galore

ISBN: 9781607105596

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