Undang-Undang Am Malaysia – Jilid III (Hingga 20hb April 2021)

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Undang-Undang Am Malaysia – Jilid III

(Hingga 20hb April 2021)

Detailed contents of Undang-Undang Am Malaysia – Jilid III :

The collection of laws and rules in Malaysia as of April 20, 2021 is called "Undang-Undang Am Malaysia - Jilid III (Hingga 20hb April 2021). A broad range of legal subjects are covered in the third volume, including civil and criminal law, business law, intellectual property law, and administrative law, among others.

The third volume of "Undang-Undang Am Malaysia" contains the following significant laws and regulations:

  1. Contracts Act 1950 - This law controls how contracts are created and upheld in Malaysia.

  2. Sale of Goods Act 1957 - The rights and responsibilities of purchasers and sellers are governed by this law, which also governs Malaysian product sales.

  3. Hire-Purchase Act 1967 - The hire-purchase of commodities in Malaysia is governed by this act, which also specifies the rights and responsibilities of both hirers and owners.

  4. Personal Data Protection Act 2010 - This law governs how personal data is obtained, used, and disclosed in Malaysia.

  5. Copyright Act 1987 - Literature, the arts, music, and other forms of creative production are all protected by this law in Malaysia.

  6. Trade Marks Act 2019 - The registration and defence of trademarks in Malaysia are governed by this statute.

  7. Penal Code - This code outlines several crimes and their associated punishments in Malaysia.

  8. Road Transport Act 1987 - The usage of motor vehicles on Malaysia's public roadways is governed by this law.

  9. Environmental Quality Act 1974 - This law governs how hazardous waste is managed and how the environment is polluted in Malaysia.

  10. Immigration Act 1959/63 - This law controls immigration and foreigners' access to Malaysia.

The "Undang-Undang Am Malaysia - Jilid III (Hingga 20hb April 2021)" has a wide variety of rules and regulations, and these are only a few instances. The compilation is a crucial tool for attorneys, magistrates, law students, and anybody else interested in Malaysia's legal system.

Undang-Undang Am Malaysia – Jilid III Mengandungi:

Akta (Peruntukan-Peruntukan Khas) Saman dan Waran 1971 (Akta 25)

Akta Pendaftaran Negara 1959 (Akta 78) & Peraturan-Peraturan
Akta Mahkamah Rendah 1948 (Akta 92)
Akta Pasport 1966 (Akta 150)
Akta Pendaftaran Kelahiran dan Kematian (Peruntukan-Peruntukan Khas) 1975 (Akta 152)
Akta Kesalahan-Kesalahan di Luar Negeri 1976 (Akta 163)
Akta Melarikan Orang dan Mengugut Saksi Secara Jenayah 1947 (Akta 191)
Akta Lambang Kebangsaan (Kawalan Mempamer) 1949 (Akta 193)
Akta Pungutan Rumah ke Rumah dan di Jalan 1947 (Akta 200)
Akta Kawasan Larangan dan Tempat Larangan 1959 (Akta 298)
Akta Pertubuhan 1966 (Akta 335) & Peraturan-Peraturan
Akta Keadilan Jenayah 1953 (Akta 345)
Akta Penculikan 1961 (Akta 365)
Akta Pendaftaran Tetamu 1965 (Akta 381)
Akta Kanak-Kanak 2001 (Akta 611)
Akta Binatang 1953 (Akta 647)
Enakmen Panggung Wayang dan Tempat-Tempat Hiburan Awam 1936 (Enakmen 47)
Akta Waran dan Saman (Peruntukan-Peruntukan Khas) 1965 [No. 6 Tahun 1965]
Ordinan Darurat (Ketenteraan Awam dan Mencegah Jenayah) 1969 (Ordinan 5)
Ordinan No. 22 (Kuasa-Kuasa Perlu) Darurat 1970
Peraturan-Peraturan Perlu (Kes-Kes Keselamatan) 1975

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