Understanding Business Law, 8th Edition


Understanding Business Law, 8th Edition

Author S. Graw, D. Whitford K. Parker, E. Sangkuhl, C. Do
Publication Date November 2016
ISBN 9789350359204
Format Softcover
Publisher LexisNexis Australia


Understanding Business Law, 8th Edition, by Stephen Graw, David Parker, Keturah Whitford, Elfriede Sangkuhl, and Christina Do, is a useful resource for legal and business students, as well as an easily accessible reference for anyone dealing with commercial law matters on a daily basis. The Australian legal system, contract law, sales law, and consumer protection, agency, business organisations, property (including intellectual property), bailment, insurance, torts, debt recovery, bankruptcy and insolvency, negotiable instruments, banking and payment systems, employment law, and business ethics are all covered in the eighth edition. To demonstrate how legal ideas are used in a commercial environment, the writers employ case examples and real-life scenarios. This updated version comes with a wealth of online resources to help student learning and provide professor support.

Features of Understanding Business Law, 8th Edition

  • Current legislative changes in business and consumer law are discussed.
  • Strong pedagogy, including colour design for readability, can aid student learning.
  • For students, there is online assistance material.
  • Students are more satisfied as a result of the extensive lecturer support material.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Understanding Business Law, 8th Edition

1. The Australian Legal Landscape: The Big Picture
2. The Law Up Close
3. Remedies Outside the Court System4. Contracts: Formation
5. Contracts: Interpretation
6. Contracts: Issues Affecting Consent and Agreement
7. Contracts: Termination and Breach
8. Sale of Goods
9. Employment Law
10. Introduction to Consumer Law
11. Consumer Protection Law
12. Consumer Credit
13. Competition Law
14. Business Ethics
15. Agency
16. Choosing a Business Form: Non-corporate Business Arrangements
17. Trusts
18. Companies: Creation and Operation
19. Companies: Members, Management and Dissolution
20. Property
21. Intellectual Property
22. Bailment
23. Insurance
24. Introduction to Torts
25. Negligence
26. Property and Business Torts
27. Debt Recovery and Bankruptcy
28. Negotiable Instruments and Banking
29. Cheques and Plastic Money
30. Financial Services Law

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ISBN: 9789350359204

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