Venkateswaran On Trade Marks and Passing-Off

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Venkateswaran On Trade Marks and Passing-Off

Author Venkateswaran
Publication Date 2018
ISBN 9789386515643
Publisher LexisNexis


The Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Geographical Indications of Goods Act of 1999 are discussed section by section in this commentary. The story is divided into two volumes, each of which includes a lengthy list of appendices.

Key Features:

• Venkateswaran on Trade Marks and Passing-Off is a sophisticated section-by-section commentary on the current law governing the use of geographical indications, passing off, and trade marks.

• In the form of appendices, it completely compiles associated reference study material, which includes: - Simplified rules and regulations - Appropriate Notifications - Applicable clauses in other statutes - Materials and agreements from other countries - Madrid international registration materials - Geographical Indications Act, Rules and Guidelines - International Classification of Goods & Services for the Purposes of Registration of Marks (NICE Classification)

• The Bombay High Court has cited this reputable work, which was first published in  1936, in a number of cases.

• There has also been a spike in trademark infringement litigation; this book thoroughly incorporates all landmark judgments reported in prestigious law journals like RPC-Oxford and PTC as well as current Indian and foreign case law.

• The latest legal position on trade marks and geographical indications in India, the UK, and Europe is discussed in this commentary, which is a vital resource for litigators, trademark agents, and judges.

ISBN: 9789386515643

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