Vintage Law Scale with Wood Box


Vintage Law Scale with Wood Box

Discover an exquisite, seldom-found antique brass scale. 

This unique piece, likely originating from Germany or Austria, measures approximately 11.75" wide, 5.75" deep, and stands at about 11" tall, boasting a base height of 2".

Complete with a wooden block housing eight brass weights marked in grams (with the largest weight missing), this set showcases a stunning wood patina and hints of verdigris on the brass, adding to its allure. All brass components are nonferrous.

Specification of Box : 20 cm length x 9cm width x 16 cm height

Featuring two tray inserts equipped with convenient side tab handles, this scale includes a center push lever for elevation adjustment. All original parts are intact, with the brass element easily detachable. Despite its age, this antique scale remains in remarkably good condition.

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