Zamir & Woolf, The Declaratory Judge The Declaratory Judgment , 4th Edition (South Asian Edition)

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Zamir & Woolf, The Declaratory Judge The Declaratory Judgment , 4th Edition (South Asian Edition)

Author Jeremy Woolf
Publication Date Sep 2011
ISBN 9780414041356
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

The classic work on the subject, now in its fourth edition, discusses the extensive reach of the declaratory decision as a public law remedy for both people and public bodies, as well as how to employ it. References to the HRA's modifications, as well as amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules, cases, and legislation, will be made throughout the book.

  • Examines how the declaration has evolved in both private and public law cases. It goes over the statutes and case law to show when a declaratory judgement might be given.
  • The benefits of employing declaratory proceedings are clearly demonstrated, and the importance of the discretionary aspect is fully considered. From the start in the High Court to Judicial Review, this book focuses on procedure.
  • Shows lawyers how to present a case to the court. Includes the High Court's, county courts', and tribunals' jurisdiction to award declarations, as well as statutory powers and the Crown's prerogative, international law, the Human Rights Act 1998's ramifications, and extra-legal problems.
  • Examines who has the right to file a declaratory judgement action, both the claimant and the defendant. Each is covered in its own chapter. It specifies which cases can and cannot be handled.
    A second chapter compares the employment of the declaratory process in Scotland and the United Kingdom. Statute extracts are annotated.

Jurisdiction: Civil Procedure and Evidence

TABLE OF CONTENTS of The Declaratory Judge The Declaratory Judgment

1. Introduction
2. The History and the Development
3. The History and the Development
4. Jurisdiction
5. Discretion
6. The Claimant and Standing to bring Proceedings
7. The Defendant
8. Procedure
9. The Action of Declarator in Scotland
10. The Future
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ISBN: 9780414041356

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