FA Mann The Lawyer and His Legacy | 2024


FA Mann The Lawyer and His Legacy | 2024

Author Jason Allen & Gerhard Dannemann
Publication Date Feb 2024
ISBN 9780198881452
Hard Cover 
Publisher Oxford


Overview of FA Mann The Lawyer and His Legacy:

  • Presents a thorough examination of the contributions, enduring influence, and contemporary significance of a prominent legal intellect from his era.
  • Unites seasoned and emerging scholars, legal professionals, and members of the judiciary worldwide for a comprehensive and evaluative review of Mann's impact.
  • Considers Mann's influence across various legal domains, encompassing public international law, conflict of laws, commercial law, procedural law, and arbitration.

Description of FA Mann The Lawyer and His Legacy:

This publication follows the life and enduring impact of F. A. Mann, a German Jewish lawyer who sought refuge in the UK in 1933 to escape racial persecution in Germany. Subsequently, he rose to prominence as one of the preeminent legal minds of his era, demonstrating proficiency in both legal practice and scholarship.

With contributions from established and emerging scholars, legal professionals, and members of the judiciary worldwide, "F. A. Mann: The Lawyer and His Legacy" is divided into three sections. The first part provides a legal biography of F. A. Mann, emphasizing his background, connections, and insights gleaned from previously unexplored archival materials. The second part encompasses the various sub-disciplines and practice areas in which Mann was involved, examining his role in shaping them. The third part focuses on monetary law, reflecting Mann's significant influence and the current relevance of monetary law issues.

By drawing on approximately 12,500 letters from Mann's personal correspondence with judges, academics, and legal practitioners, this book delves into how Mann's biography, his extensive knowledge of German and English law, and his engagement in academia and legal practice have collectively contributed to his enduring impact on law and legal scholarship.

Table of Contents of FA Mann The Lawyer and His Legacy:

Introduction, Gerhard Dannemann and Jason Grant Allen

Part I 'A German Lawyer of Jewish Extraction' in England: F A Mann's Legal Biography
1:Ein Bericht aus einer Akademie: Writing About Germany's Lost Jewish Scholars, 80 Years On, Jason Grant Allen
2:On Being a German Jew in the "Golden Years", Frank Mecklenburg
3:Pragmatism Meets Praxisorientierung: F A Mann and a Transnational Biography in Law, Christoph König
4:Out of Harm's Way: F A Mann's Attempts to Demystify Money, Law, and Judaism, Reut Yael Paz

Part II 'A Wealth of Legal Knowledge': The International Lawyer
5:The Influence of F A Mann on English Case Law: The Validity of Acts of State Contrary to Human Rights and International Law and the Enforcement of Foreign Public Law, Lawrence Collins
6:Jurisdiction and Private International Law: F A Mann's Unvollendete?, Gerhard Dannemann
7:Delocalisation and Re-localisation in Commercial Law and the Law of Arbitration: The Continued Relevance of F A Mann's Thought, Giuditta Cordero-Moss

Part III 'The Task of the Jurist to Define': The Legal Aspects of Money
8:Before F A Mann: Martin Wolff on Money, Wolfgang Ernst
9:Gold Clauses in the Capital Markets of the Early Twentieth Century, David Fox
10:F A Mann's Conservative Revolution, Joseph H Sommer
11:Constitutional Dimensions of Monetary Authority Under the Gold Standard and Bretton Woods, Will Bateman
12:El Aspecto Legal del Dinero: F A Mann's Impact in Latin America, María Emilia Buccella, Rosa María Lastra & Jason Grant Allen
13:F A Mann on Cryptocurrency, Simon Gleeson
14:A New and Unsolved Riddle in Monetary Law: The Complex Case of Central Bank Digital Currency, Christian Hofmann

Conclusions, Gerhard Dannemann and Jason Grant Allen

Author(s) Information:

Gerhard Dannemann completed his legal studies at the Universities of Freiburg and Bonn, qualifying for legal practice in 1988. He held academic positions at the University of Freiburg (1988-1991; obtained his doctorate in law in 1993 and habilitation in 2002), the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (1991-1994), University College London (1992-1995), and the University of Oxford (1994-2002, concluding as a Reader in Comparative Law). Since 2003, he has been a Professor of English Law, British Economy, and Politics at Humboldt University, Berlin. Dannemann has notably published on various legal topics, including comparative law, law of obligations, conflict of laws, public international law, and German émigré scholars.

Jason Grant Allen holds the position of Associate Professor of Law at SMU Yong Pung How School of Law and serves as the Director of the SMU Centre for AI & Data Governance. He has a broad publication record covering law and emerging technology issues, working across the spectrum of public law and private law, including the regulation of emerging technologies and the application of law in digital contexts. Allen pursued studies in Law and German at the University of Tasmania and has been a DAAD Scholar at Universität Augsburg, a Poynton Scholar at the University of Cambridge, and an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellow at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. He has also held affiliations and visiting positions at various institutions.

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ISBN: 9780198881452

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