Practical Approach To Criminal Trials by K. A. Ramu | 2023


Practical Approach To Criminal Trials by K. A. Ramu | 2023

Author K. A. Ramu
Publication Date July 2023
ISBN 9789672676911
Format Softcover, 220 pages
Publisher Asia Knowledge Law Books


Beginners who want to practise criminal litigation can read Practical Approach to Criminal Trials. The book is created in straightforward language to enable both junior and experienced solicitors to understand the finer points of criminal litigation. It can also be a useful resource for the general public to comprehend Malaysia's criminal justice system and how the judiciary upholds the rule of law.

About the Author of Practical Approach to Criminal Trials:

Senior attorney K.A. Ramu, also known as K. Annamalai Ramu Kandasamy, has a wealth of legal expertise. He joined his father's law practise, A.M. Kanda & Associates, shortly after becoming a qualified advocate and solicitor in 1997. He graduated from the University of Wolverhampton. He has now developed a reputation as a top criminal litigator. He is routinely asked to lecture to law students on criminal litigation, and he is still a strong advocate for emerging attorneys. K.A. Ramu, a familiar figure in the courts, is frequently cited in news articles on important legal issues. At the moment, he is the only owner of Law Practise of K.A. Ramu.

Table of Contents of Practical Approach to Criminal Trials

1. The Legal Profession and Some Advice
2. Start of a Criminal Trial
3. First Information Report
4. The Charge
5. The Public Prosecutor
6. Bail
7. Summary Trials at the Magistrates' Courts
8. High Court Trials
9. Cross Examinations
10. Impeachment Proceedings
11. Sentencing
12. Appeals & Revision

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ISBN: 9789672676911

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