Serious Fraud, Investigation and Trial, 5th ed by Kingsley Napley & 6KBW College Hill | 2023 *


Serious Fraud, Investigation and Trial, 5th ed by Kingsley Napley & 6KBW College Hill | 2023*

Author Kingsley Napley & 6KBW College Hill
Publication Date March 2023
ISBN 9781474323352
Practice Area Criminal Law
Publisher LexisNexis


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The book provides thorough treatment of recent developments and new legislation and concisely explains the rules that apply to fraud cases. It also looks at the options available to the prosecution, defendant, and judge in preliminary hearings to make a fraud trial more manageable. The title discusses the sentencing choices available to the court and provides a thorough list of significant statutes, statutory documents, and practice guidelines.

The updates in the new edition are:

  • Bribery Act 2010
  • Criminal Finances Act 2017
  • Crime (Overseas Production Orders) Act 2019
  • Attorney General’s Revised Guidelines on Disclosure 2022
  • CPS Disclosure Manual 2022
  • Updates Codes of Practice under PACE 1984
  • DPA Code of Practice
  • Aquila Advisory Ltd v Faichney & Others (Crown Prosecution Service intervening) [2021] UKSC 49 concerning the limits of the confiscation regime
  • R v Luckhurst [2022] UKSC 23 concerning the inter-relationship between criminal and civil regimes
  • R v Andrewes [2022] about proportionality in the confiscation regime
  • R (KBR) v DSFO [2021] UKSC 2 concerning limits on the SFO’s ability to compel the production of documents
  • R v Byrne and others [2021] EWCA Crim 107 about the impact of the discrediting of an expert witness
  • R v Hunter [2021] EWCA Crim concerning running a business for a fraudulent purpose

Table of Contents Serious Fraud, Investigation and Trial, 5th ed

1. Criminal Fraud: An Overview
2. Fraud Investigators and Proscutors
3. The Investigation of Suspected Criminal Fraud
4. The Common Aspects of Criminal Faud Offences
5. Fraud Offences
6. The Alternatives to the Prosecution of Criminal Fraud
7. The Prosecution of Criminal Fraud
8. The Trial of Criminal Fraud
9. Sentencing
10. Restraint and Confiscation
11. The International Aspects of Criminal Fraud: Extradition, Interpol, Jurisdiction, Obtaining Evidence, Double Jeopardy and Data Protection
12. Criminal Fraud: A Postscript
Appendix: Legislation and Guidance

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ISBN: 9781474323352

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