Legal Method by Dr Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed | 2023


Legal Method | 2023 by Dr Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed, Dr Muhamad Hassan Ahmad and a team of contributors.

Author Dr Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed, Dr Muhamad Hassan Ahmad and a team of contributors
Publication Date March, 2023
ISBN 9789672723998
Softcover + Ebook (420 pages)
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

Quote from Foreword
"This book would be of great interest not only to undergraduate law students but also to the general public to deepen their knowledge, understanding, and application of the essentials of legal methods in the Malaysian legal environment.”
From the Foreword by Former Chief Justice of Malaysia Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad
About the Book : 
Legal Method by Dr Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed is a very much needed text that has been long missing from the market, this book covers the foundational subject of Legal Method through 19 well executed and informative chapters. Authored by a mix of writers from diverse backgrounds and experience, this title covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of legal method where the core of this subject is related to judicial interpretation of statutes , the appreciation of case law, and the application of the doctrine of stare decisis. As Malaysia adopts the Common Law and Shariah legal systems, the contents of this book discuss both these systems. Among the important topics covered are statutory interpretation, the drafting and making of legislation, and the workings of binding precedents.


This is a comprehensive student text which provides essential guidance for a compulsory paper in the Malaysian LLB program and the chapters follow the course outline/syllabus of most Malaysian universities. The chapters have been carefully constructed to cover as much details as possible and the wealth of knowledge shared by the contributors ensures that this book will definitely be the main go-to text for all students.
Key Features of Legal Method by Dr Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed: 
  • Comprehensive student text covering a compulsory paper in Malaysian LLB programmes
  • Chapters follow the course outline/syllabus of most Malaysian universities
  • Multiple contributors from various universities (public & private)
  • Local book that provides a clear understanding of the legal, legislative and judicial processes both from the theoretical and practical approaches
  • Includes the Shariah law perspectives as well 

 Table Of Content of Legal Method by Dr Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed: 

  1. Legal Method: An Introduction
  2. Sources of Law
  3. Statutory Law: Legislative Proposal and Drafting
  4. Statutory Interpretation: The Common Law Rules
  5. Statutory Interpretation: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Aids
  6. Statutory Interpretation: Rules of Language
  7. Statutory Interpretation: Maxims and Presumptions
  8. Statutory Interpretation: The Federal Constitution
  9. Reading Case Law: Main Elements
  10. The Doctrine of Binding Precedent   
  11. Doctrine of Binding Precedent: Ratio Decidendi and Obiter Dicta
  12. The Doctrine of Binding Precedent: Syariah
  13. Legal Reasoning: Approach to Problems
  14. Judicial Process and Written Judgment
  15. Legal Reasoning in Judicial Process: Syariah
  16. Legal Research: The General Principles
  17. Writing A Legal Research Proposal
  18. Artificial Intelligence and Law
  19. Metaverse and Law 

More about the author: 

Professor Dr. Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed
Professor Dr. Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed earned a Bachelor of Law (LL.B (Hons)) and a Master of Comparative Laws (MCL) from the IIUM, a Master of Laws (LL.M (Hons)) from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Law (Ph.D) from the Graduate School of Management at the University Putra Malaysia. In 1992, the High Court of Malaya admitted him to the Malaysian Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor, and he afterwards joined the Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws.


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ISBN: 9789672723998

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