A Set of Collin's 7 Simple Steps Series

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A Set of Collin's 7 Simple Steps Series

Each book offers a fun new approach to improving your business skills, whether you're new to the game, looking to get back into it, or want to brush up on your technique.

1) Get That Job by Peter Storr

ISBN: 9780007507160

The job hunt: one of life's great challenges. It can end in the bitterest defeat or the sweetest victory, but in seven simple steps you can ensure you have the best possible chance of success.

Step 1: Plan your hunt and keep it moving
Step 2: Understand what you want
Step 3: Know your skills and strengths
Step 4: Write a killer CV
Step 5: Ace the interview
Step 6: Perform well in assessments

Step 7: Survive and thrive in your new job

2) Successful Networking by Clare Dignall

ISBN: 9780007507177

Networking can be a daunting experience, but in seven simple steps you can learn to grab every opportunity, approach people with confidence, and leave them with a positive, lasting impression.

Step 1: Create networking opportunities
Step 2: Network effectively online
Step 3: Secure an invitation
Step 4: Be the best conversationalist
Step 5: Survive difficult moments
Step 6: Work the room
Step 7: Follow up on leads

3) Starting a Business by Alex Ritchie and Natalie Campbell

ISBN: 9780007507184

Starting a business is one of the most exciting and rewarding things you can do in life. It's also one of the  most challenging, but in seven simple steps you can learn to make a solid plan, create your brand, and develop that initial idea into a storming success.

Step 1: Know your business
Step 2: Form a business plan
Step 3: Create your identity
Step 4: Sell your product or service
Step 5: Set up your office and staff
Step 6: Grow your business

Step 7: Review your business and progress

4) Effective Meetings by Barry Tomalin

ISBN: 9780007507207

Meetings: so often the place ideas go to die. Organising an effective meeting is a challenge that even the most experienced can struggle with, but in seven simple steps you can learn to set up. manage and benefit from inspiring meetings.

Step 1: Organize people, places and times
Step 2: Prepare useful documents
Step 3: Participate with impact
Step 4: Host virtual meetings
Step 5: Use informal meetings wisely
Step 6: Adapt to meeting dynamics
Step 7: Run efficient, effective meetings

5) Presentation Skills by James Schofield

ISBN: 9780007507191

Public speaking can  be nerve-wracking experience, but in seven simple steps you can prepare appropriately and turn those nerves into positive energy for a knockout presentation.

Step 1: Prepare for anything and everything
Step 2: Choose your tools and structure
Step 3: Assess the venue and equipment
Step 4: Make an impact
Step 5: Use the right body language
Step 6: Deal with nerves
Step 7: Turn questions to your advantage