Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Laws in Malaysia | E-Book

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Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Laws in Malaysia (Ebook)

Author Associate Professor Dr Mohd Yazid bin Zul Kepli and Allan Suman Pillai
Publication Date 2022 
ISBN 9789672701460
Publisher LexisNexis


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For judges, attorneys, news organisations, law enforcement officials, academics, researchers, and university students, this book is a crucial resource. This book describes the most recent laws, legislations, cases, rules, and international frameworks and offers helpful advice for putting them into practise. Each chapter's thorough analysis of the fundamentals and intricacies of anti-money laundering and financial crime regulations is organised and simplified, with distinct titles that make it simple to refer to later.

Key features for Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Laws in Malaysia :

• A thorough examination of the responsibilities and obligations of reporting institutions.
• An examination of the AML/CFT offences listed in the laws.
• A breakdown of the authority granted to investigators, law enforcement, and supervisory authorities.
• A study of the various orders made available by AMLATFPUAA 2001.
• An analysis of all significant cases from Malaysia and Commonwealth nations that are relevant.
• Investigation of true third parties.
• A conversation about constitutional matters.
• Assessment of a compound.

CONTENTS Of Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Laws in Malaysia

 Chapter 1 Introduction
 Chapter 2 Laws, Regulations, And Guidelines
 Chapter 3 International Bodies And Organisations
 Chapter 4 National Bodies And Organisations
 Chapter 5 The Legal Framework In Malaysia
 Chapter 6 Money Laundering Offence
 Chapter 7 Reporting Institutions & Obligations
 Chapter 8 Investigations
 Chapter 9 Orders
 Chapter 10 Terrorism Financing (Tf)
 Chapter 11 Proliferation Financing
 Chapter 12 International Cooperation

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