Art in Time: Unknown Comic Book Adventure 1940-1980


Art in Time: Unknown Comic Book Adventure 1940-1980

Author Dan Nadel
Publication Date Jul 2010
ISBN 9780810988248
Format Hardcover
Publisher Harry N. Abrams


Praise for Dan Nadel's Art Out of Time Harvey Award winner, Eisner Award nominee

Art In Time is a companion to Dan Nadel's previous book, Art Out of Time. In this engaging and smart volume, Nadel focuses on the lesser-known comic works by celebrated icons of the industry, like H.G. Peter (the artist behind Wonder Woman), John Stanley (the writer and artist for Little Lulu), Harry Lucey (one of the artists behind Archie), Jesse Marsh (the artist for Tarzan), and Bill Everett (best know for his characters Sub Mariner and Dr. Strange).

Art In Time reprints a fantastic collection of entire comic book tales from the 1940s to the 1980s that represent some of the greatest but lesser-known adventure adventures. Each comic celebrates these little-known comic treasures by showcasing each artist's fully developed style. Art In Time is a reading book that allows readers to catch up on some of the greatest, yet underappreciated, work in comics history.


Featuring the Unheralded Work of:

  • Pat Boyette
  • Bill Everett
  • Matt Fox
  • Sam J. Glanzman
  • Harry Lucey
  • Jesse Marsh
  • Michael McMillan
  • Willy Mendes
  • Mort Meskin
  • Pete Morisi
  • H.G. Peter
  • Sharon Rudahl
  • John Stanley
  • John Thompson


ISBN: 9780810988248

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