Civil Procedure (White Book, 2 Volumes) 2016

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Civil Procedure (White Book, 2 Volumes) 2016

Author  Jackson (Editor-In-Chief); Fontaine and Scott (General Editors); Gordon-Saker, Hamblen, Hill and Madge (Senior Editorial Board); and a team of expert contributors
Publication Date 2016
Format Hardcover (2 volumes)
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Includes CPR Parts 58-63A; CPR Parts 76, 78-80, 88; Court Guides; Procedural Guides

Table of contents

Volume 1
Preface to Civil Procedure 2016
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Table of International and European Legislation, Treaties and Conventions
Section A: Civil Procedure Rules 1998
Section B: Miscellaneous Practice Directions and Practice Statements
Section C: Pre-Action Conduct and Protocols
Section D: Table of Time Limits
Section E: Glossary


Volume 2:
Section A1  Procedural Guides
Section 1  Court Guides
Section 2  Specialist Proceedings
Section 3  Other Proceedings
Section 4  Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and Judicial Committee of the Privy Council
Section 5  European Jurisdiction 
Section 6  Administration of Funds, Property and Affairs
Section 7  Legal Representatives - Costs and Litigation Funding
Section 8  Limitation
Section 9  Jurisdictional and procedural Legislation
Section 10  Court Fees
Section 11  Overriding Objective of CPR
Section 12  CPR: Application, Amendments and Interprretation
Section 13  Rights of Audience
Section 14  Alternative Dispute Resolution
Section 15  Interim Remedies
Appendix 1  Courts Directory
ISBN: 9780414055643

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