Company Meetings and Resolution By Cheah Foo Seong | 2019 (E-book)

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Company Meetings and Resolution By Cheah Foo Seong

Author Cheah Foo Seong, Philip Koh and Ooi Xin Yi
Publication Date Jun, 2019
ISBN 9789672187905
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

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Key Features of Company Meetings and Resolution By Cheah Foo Seong
  • Fully updated to include the provisions of the Companies Act 2016, touching upon a variety of matters arising from various types of company meetings.
  • Written by authors with vast company law and corporate secretarial experience.
  • Systematic and well-structured organisation of content supported by relevant statutory and case authorities.
  • Important rulings of the Companies Commission of Malaysia are reproduced for easy reference.
  • Contains appendices in the form of selected guidelines and samples of written resolutions, members' meeting resolutions, notice of meetings, polling forms, forms for the appointment of proxies and corporate representatives, and minutes.

Business Meetings and Resolutions is created in plain and straightforward language to help all stakeholders engaged in arranging and operating company meetings understand the law and practise of company meetings. It covers the relevant sections of the Malaysian Companies Act 2017 (Act 777) and gives authoritative guidance on a number of issues that arise at company meetings, such as:

  • Types of company meetings;
  • Meaning of minutes and resolutions;
  • Procedures involved in convening board and members' meetings;
  • Difference between actual meeting resolutions and written resolutions;
  • Difference between proxies and corporate representatives
  • Annual general meetings of public companies;
  • Class meetings;
  • Convening of technology-based meetings; and
  • Duties of a chairperson in meetings.

Cheah Foo Seong provides a legal and practical understanding of various company meetings, such as directors' meetings, members' meetings, committee meetings, and other meetings relating to creditors' meetings in receiverships, schemes of arrangement, judicial management, and liquidation, all of which are necessary for a corporation's proper functioning.

The content is accompanied with a must-have collection of templates, sample resolutions, and operating rules for Malaysian businesses.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Company Meetings and Resolution By Cheah Foo Seong

  1. Introduction to Meetings
  2. Types of Company Meetings
  3. Meetings and Resolutions for Members
  4. Written Resolutions of Private Company
  5. Convening Members' Meetings
  6. Notice of Meetings: Directors and Members
  7. Procedures: Board and Members' Meetings
  8. Proxies and Corporate Representatives
  9. Committee and Creditors' Meetings
  10. Annual General Meetings of Public Companies
  11. Record of Resolutions and Meetings
  12. Class Meeting of Preference and Shareholder and Different Classes of Shares
  13. Court-ordered Types of Meetings

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ISBN: 9789672187905

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