Competition Law, 10th Edition


Competition Law, 10th Edition

Author Richard Whish and David Bailey
Publication Date August 2021
ISBN 9780198836322
Format Softcover, 1184 Pages
Publisher Oxford


  • This is the ultimate competition law textbook, written by the top scholars in the area with a wealth of knowledge.
  • Competition law is thoroughly covered, offering a comprehensive introduction to the topic.
  • A critical and contextual approach to competition law that takes into account the larger economic and practical realities
  • A clear writing style that makes competition law accessible to students of all levels
  • Also accessible as an electronic book with additional learning support tools, navigational features, and links

The standard text on this topic is Whish and Bailey's Competition Law. This thorough guide is required reading for law students, practitioners, and officials due to its authoritative presentation of competition law and straightforward writing style.

The writers give a brief explanation of the goal of competition policy, introduce the reader to important terms and procedures in competition law, and give their perspectives on the various problems that come up while examining market behaviour. They focus mainly on the consequences of competition law for commercial phenomena including distribution agreements, intellectual property rights licences, cartels, joint ventures, and mergers when describing the law in its economic and market context. The book incorporates a wide range of materials, including rulings, decrees, prescriptions, and periodicals. This authoritative text on competition law is frequently used in courts, law offices, economic consultancies, universities, and competition regulators.

Brand-new in this edition:

  • Coverage of expanding digital markets
  • Complete legal update, with where appropriate discussion of the effects of Brexit

Table of Contents of Competition Law, 10th Edition

1:Competition policy and economics
2:Overview of EU and UK competition law
3:Article 101 (1)
4:Article 101 (3)
5:Article 102
6:The obligations of Member States under the EU competition rules
7:Articles 101 and 102 - public enforcement by the European Commission and national competition authorities under Regulation 1/2003
8:Articles 101 and 102 - private enforcement in the courts of Member States
9:Competition Act 1998 - substantive provisions
10:Competition Act 1998 and the cartel offence - public enforcement and procedure
11:Enterprise Act 2002 - market studies and market investigations
12:The international dimension of competition law
13:Horizontal agreements (1) - cartels
14:Horizontal agreements (2) - oligopoly, tacit collusion, and collective dominance
15:Horizontal agreements (3) - cooperation agreements
16:Vertical agreements
17:Abuse of dominance (1) - non-pricing practices
18:Abuse of dominance (2) - pricing practices
19:The relationship between intellectual property rights and competition law
20:Mergers (1) - introduction
21:Mergers (2) - EU law
22:Mergers (3) - UK law
23:Particular sectors

Authors of Competition Law, 10th Edition

Richard Whish, Emeritus Professor, King's College London, and David Bailey, Barrister, Brick Court Chambers

From 1991 to 2013, Richard Whish QC (Hon) served as a professor of law at King's College London, where he later retired. In 2014, he was named QC Honoris Causa.

At Brick Court Chambers, David Bailey practises law and serves as a standing attorney for the Competition and Markets Authority.

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ISBN: 9780198836322

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