Contract Law In Malaysia by Cheong May Fong

Contract Law In Malaysia by Cheong May Fong

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Contract Law In Malaysia’ is written by Prof. Dr. Cheong May Fong, an author who has extensive experience in teaching contract law. Formerly a Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, she is currently a Professorial Visiting Fellow at UNSW Law Faculty.

Contract Law in Malaysia is written with the aim of setting out the law of contract in Malaysia in a manner that is easily understood and further explaining the more challenging areas of the law.
The book comprises six parts with 22 chapters. The thorough discussions and the copious citation of authorities make this a very useful reference on the law of contract in Malaysia.

The best thing about the book is that it explains contract is the simplest way for anyone to understand.
It is probably most suitable for students but can also be a good reference for practitioners, legal and judicial officers and academics. The author has aimed for the book to be comprehensive with the six parts containing chapters on formation of contracts, terms of contracts, voidable contracts, void agreements, discharge of contracts and remedies.

The Contracts Act 1950 is analysed through the sections, explanations and illustrations provided in the Act and as interpreted by the courts.

Contract Law In Malaysia is fully up-to-date with the leading and current cases on Malaysian contract law. References have also been made to principal contract texts and local articles relevant to each area of the law.

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