Contract Law In Malaysia by Cheong May Fong

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Contract Law In Malaysia by Cheong May Fong

Author Cheong May Fong
Publication Date Mar 2010
ISBN 9789675040504
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


“… comprehensive content … useful text to all … I am sure that practitioners and legal and judicial officers and the academia will find this book a useful reference.”

— Tan Sri Zaki Tun Azmi, Chief Justice of Malaysia


'Contract Law In Malaysia' was written by Prof. Dr. Cheong May Fong, an academic with extensive experience in contract law teaching. She was previously a Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she is now a Professorial Visiting Fellow at UNSW Law Faculty.

The purpose of Contract Law in Malaysia is to simplify the law of contracts in Malaysia while simultaneously explaining the most challenging areas of the law. Because the Contracts Act 1950 is in pari materia with the Indian Contract Act 1872, which is based on English common law, the positions under English common law and the Indian Contract Act 1872 are used as a starting point. It is noted and clarified when the Contracts Act of 1950 takes a different viewpoint. The components, explanations, and instances of the Contracts Act of 1950 are studied, as well as how the courts have interpreted it. The most important and recent cases in the subject are all included in this book.

This book, written by an individual with vast experience teaching contract law, is divided into six parts and has 22 chapters. It attempted to be comprehensive, with chapters on contract formation, conditions, voidable contracts, void agreements, contract discharge, and remedies spread throughout six parts. The meaning, impact, and relief for fundamental contractual principles in the Contracts Act 1950 are described in these chapters. This is a highly important resource on Malaysian contract law because of the extensive discussions and numerous citations of authorities.

Practitioners, legal and judicial personnel, and scholars will find this book useful.

Readership: Practitioners, legal and judicial officers and academics

Jurisdiction: Malaysia

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