Cook on Costs 2019 by Simon Middleton & Jason Rowley Edition

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Cook on Costs 2019 By Simon Middleton & Jason Rowley 

Author Simon Middleton & Jason Rowley
Publication Date 2019
ISBN 9789388548618
Publisher LexisNexis


Cook on Costs 2019 is a well-known book is back with fresh and updated cost information. Cook on Costs 2016 takes its usual practical approach, providing clear and easy explanations of every facet of lawyers' and barristers' remuneration (excluding criminal costs). The text takes a dual approach, informing and guiding you through all areas of legal fees, both contentious and non-contentious.

Jason Rowley, a Costs Judge at the RCJ, and Simon Middleton, a District Judge, have revised the 2016 version once again.

The discussion on the new format bill of expenses, transitional arrangements, the SCCO pilot, and the usage of J codes are all new to this version.

This edition also covers:

On the new Part 36, a completely rewritten chapter has been added.
A considerably revised Chapter 34 on Children and Protected Parties, which addresses adjustments to damages reductions under CPR 21.12, CPR 21 PD, and CPR 46.4. (5)

An revised Chapter 15 looks at Sir Rupert Jackson's 'Confronting Costs Management' lecture on cost management, as well as examination of key High Court rulings and potential rule changes pertaining to cost management.

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ISBN: 9789388548618

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