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Banking Law, 5th Edition By Professor Datin Dr Lee Mei Pheng, Datuk Detta Samen and Ivan Jeron Detta 

Author Professor Datin Dr Lee Mei Pheng, Datuk Detta Samen and Ivan Jeron Detta
Publication Date 06 May, 2019
Format Ebook
Publisher LexisNexis


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In 1995, the first edition of Banking Law was released. With the introduction of electronic, internet, and mobile banking in the subsequent 25 years, this area of legislation in Malaysia has seen significant modifications. Compliance, corporate governance, ethics, risk management, financial crimes, and money laundering have all posed new challenges to the banking sector, both locally and internationally. As a result, the banking sector's environment has shifted dramatically, with the industry now facing more pressures and becoming more regulated.

This Fifth Edition takes into account the numerous changes that have occurred since the last edition was released in 2012, including changes in legislation, rules, case law, and other legal concerns. Regulators, supervisors, bankers, experts, firms and enterprises, and students will all benefit from this material. This new version, like the previous editions, gives critical insight into a broad range of banking legal topics while remaining in an easy-to-understand manner.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Banking Law 5th Edition

Chapter 1 Legal and Regulatory Framework
Chapter 2 The Banker-Customer Relationship
Chapter 3 Accounts of Customers
Chapter 4 Negotiable Instruments
Chapter 5 Electronic Banking
Chapter 6 Lending and Securities
Chapter 7 Guarantees
Chapter 8 Loan Recovery and Insolvency

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ISBN: 9789674008383

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