Norchaya Talib on Torts In Malaysia by Ahnaf Azmi (E-book)

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Norchaya Talib on Torts in Malaysia by Ahnaf Azmi 

Author Ahnaf Azmi (Editor) and Team of Expert Contributors
Publication Date Sep 2021
ISBN 9789672919667
Format Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


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“I am confident that [Norchaya Talib on Torts in Malaysia] will become one of the main texts on the law of torts in Malaysia and just like the earlier editions of the late Professor Norchaya Talib’s books, this edition will also benefit many readers in this country.”

Dato’ Associate Professor Dr Johan Shamsuddin bin Dato’ Haji Sabaruddin
Dean, Faculty of Law University of Malaya

Tort law is a branch of private law that safeguards individuals against civil wrongdoing. This book, which builds on the late Professor Dr Norchaya Talib's established Law of Torts in Malaysia, covers not only traditional torts like negligence, nuisance, trespass, strict liability, and defamation, but also explores modern elements of Malaysian tort law.

In the last decade, Malaysian tort law has undergone major changes. A group of experienced contributors updated and reworked the chapters to reflect those changes in this new edition of Norchaya Talib on Torts. The introduction of the tort of harassment; expanded analysis of the defence of illegality, exclusion clauses, and damages; focus on new developments in the law of defamation, altering the landscape of free speech; and consideration of the extension of vicarious liability are all addressed in this book, which follows Professor Norchaya's well-known structure. Two further chapters are included to expand on neglected topics like economic torts and privacy.

Not only students learning tort law, but also professionals researching the subject, will benefit greatly from the brief presentations of legal principles as well as extensive assessments of key judicial judgments and legislative requirements. This book will serve as the primary reference on tort law in Malaysia.

Key Features of Norchaya Talib on Torts

  • Provides a clear and straightforward presentation of tort law principles, as well as in-depth examinations of case law and statutory requirements.
  • In simple terms, it explains fundamental topics.
  • Additional examination of crucial legal developments and recent key cases is included.
  • The new tort of harassment is investigated.
  • Examines the role of the court in cases of police wrongdoing.
  • Discusses the latest advances in defamation law.
  • Economic and Other Torts (which covers wrongful interference, conspiracy, and prolonged passing off) and Privacy are two new chapters.

Table of Contents of Norchaya Talib on Torts

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Intentional Torts: Trespass to the Person
Chapter 3 Intentional Torts: Trespass to Land
Chapter 4 Intentional Torts: Interference with Goods
Chapter 5 General Defences
Chapter 6 Negligence: Duty of Care
Chapter 7 Negligence: Breach of Duty
Chapter 8 Negligence: Causation of Damage
Chapter 9 Defences to Negligence
Chapter 10 Negligence: Occupiers’ Liability
Chapter 11 Defamation
Chapter 12 Defences to Defamation
Chapter 13 Nuisance
Chapter 14 Strict Liability – Rylands v Fletcher
Chapter 15 Breach of Statutory Duty
Chapter 16 Vicarious Liability
Chapter 17 Remedies
Chapter 18 Economic and Other Torts
Chapter 19 Privacy

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