Cyber Laws of Malaysia [Digital Signature Act, Computer Crimes Act & Telemedicine Act] (As at 25th March 2023)

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Cyber Laws of Malaysia

[Digital Signature Act, Computer Crimes Act & Telemedicine Act]

(As at 25th March 2023)

Act 562 – An Act to make provision for, and to regulate the use of, digital signatures and to provide for matters connected therewith.

Act 563 - An Act to provide for offences relating to the misuse of computers.

Act 564 - An Act to provide for the regulation and control of the practice of telemedicine; and for matters connected therewith. 

Detailed Contents Of Cyber Laws of Malaysia :

  1. Digital Signature Act (DSA) 1997:

The Digital Signature Act (DSA) was enacted to provide a legal framework for digital signatures in Malaysia. The act recognizes the validity of electronic signatures, which are the digital equivalent of a handwritten signature. The act enables electronic transactions to be conducted with the same legal force and effect as paper-based transactions.

Key features of the DSA include the following:

  • A digital signature is considered valid if it is generated using a reliable method that is capable of identifying the signatory and ensuring the integrity of the signed document.
  • A digital signature certificate is required to verify the identity of the signatory and the validity of the digital signature.
  • Certification authorities (CAs) are responsible for issuing digital signature certificates, verifying the identity of the signatory, and maintaining the integrity of the digital signature system.
  • The DSA also provides for the protection of digital signature keys to prevent unauthorized use of digital signatures.
  1. Computer Crimes Act (CCA) 1997:

The Computer Crimes Act (CCA) was enacted to combat computer-related offenses in Malaysia. The act covers a range of cybercrimes, including hacking, unauthorized access, computer-related fraud, and dissemination of offensive or obscene content.

Key features of the CCA include the following:

  • Hacking and unauthorized access to computer systems are criminal offenses punishable by fines and imprisonment.
  • The act provides for the seizure and forfeiture of computer equipment used in the commission of computer-related offenses.
  • The act also covers offenses related to computer-related fraud, including identity theft and phishing.
  • Dissemination of offensive or obscene content is also prohibited under the CCA, with offenders liable to fines and imprisonment.
  1. Telemedicine Act 2018:

The Telemedicine Act was enacted to regulate the practice of telemedicine in Malaysia. The act recognizes telemedicine as a legitimate and effective means of delivering healthcare services and seeks to promote its safe and responsible use.

Key features of the Telemedicine Act include the following:

  • The act defines telemedicine as the practice of medicine using electronic communication technologies, including video conferencing, email, and other forms of online communication.
  • The act provides for the licensing and registration of telemedicine providers, who must meet certain standards and qualifications.
  • Telemedicine providers must comply with the same ethical and professional standards as traditional healthcare providers.
  • The act also provides for the protection of patient confidentiality and privacy, with telemedicine providers required to comply with relevant data protection laws.

In conclusion, the Digital Signature Act, Computer Crimes Act, and Telemedicine Act are key pieces of legislation that provide a legal framework for digital signatures, combat computer-related offenses, and regulate the practice of telemedicine in Malaysia. These laws play a critical role in promoting the safe and responsible use of technology and protecting the rights of individuals and organizations in the digital age.

Cyber Laws of Malaysia Contains:

Digital Signature Act 1997 (Act 562)
Digital Signature Regulations 1998
Computer Crimes Act 1997 (Act 563)
Telemedicine Act 1997 (Act 564)
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