Dismissal from Employment and the Remedies, Second Edition (E-book)

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Dismissal from Employment and the Remedies, Second Edition (E-book) By  Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed

Author Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed 
Pulication Date  2016
ISBN  9789674004514
Format E-Book
Publisher LexisNexis


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The Second Edition of this book analyses the connection between the employer and employee as well as the methods, categories, and grounds for termination of employment, similar to the First Edition. Additionally, this book covers subjects like:

- the Industrial Court's judicial review
- the upholding of industrial court judgments
- Islamic requirements with regard to employment

Additionally, it has cross references, tables, and references to pertinent case law that provide accurate numbers for comparisons.

This book would be a valuable resource for attorneys, employers, and experts in the human resources and labour relations professions. It is also pertinent to individuals who want to gain a better understanding of work practises from a legal and Islamic standpoint.


Chapter 1 Types And Categories Of Employment
Chapter 2 Labour Statutes In Malaysia And The Employment Relationship
Chapter 3 Security Of Tenure In Employment
Chapter 4 Security Of Tenure In Employment: The Development
Chapter 5 Common Law Wrongful Dismissal And Statutory Unfair Dismissal
Chapter 6 Direct Dismissal And Constructive Dismissal
Chapter 7 Constructive Dismissal: A Review Of Decided Cases
Chapter 8 Selected Grounds for Dismissal
Chapter 9 Dismissal Under the Guise of Retrenchment
Chapter 10 Domestic Inquire And Disciplinary Punishments
Chapter 11 Dismissal Without Just cause or Excuse: The Adjudication Process
Chapter 12 The Requirements of Evidence to Establish a Dismissal
Chapter 13 Reinstatement in Dismissal Without Just Cause or Excuse
Chapter 14 Monetary Compensation For Dismissal Without Just Cause Or Excuse
Chapter 15 Scaling Down Monetary Compensation: The Factors Considered
Chapter 16 Misconduct or Negligence of Employee and Losses to Employer: Recovering Losses Through Salary Deduction
Chapter 17 Award For Dismissal Without Just Cause or Excuse: The Enforcement
Chapter 18 Judicial Review of Industrial Court's Award: The Process And Circumstances
Chapter 19 Post-Dismissal Problems
Chapter 20 Pre-Dismissal Guidelines: Minimizing Risk of Litigation
Chapter 21 Employment Obligations: The Islamic Perspective



ISBN: 9789674004514

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