Employment Misconduct (E-book)

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Employment Misconduct  By Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed, Farheen Baig Sardar Baig (E-book)

 Author Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed, Faeheen Baig Sardar Baig 
Publication Date 13 April, 2016
ISBN 9789674005467
Format E-book
Publisher LexisNexis


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The most frequent reason for firing a worker is misconduct, which refers to improper behaviour at work that has to do with morality, discipline, and obligations. Gross misconduct can take many different forms, from offences that endanger the employer's business operations to offences that endanger the safety and welfare of the employees. This includes offences like workplace immorality, arrogance and insubordination, criminal activity, or any other behaviour that is incompatible with the relationship between an employer and employee.

Employers must adhere to the legal guidelines established by the courts regarding employment misbehaviour when dealing with employee misconduct. The wrongdoing must be sufficiently significant in order for a dismissal to be justified, according to courts.

Key Features

• gives management, supervisors, and employees a useful reference manual on the many types of workplace misconduct, the proper disciplinary measures to be implemented, and whether or not the misconduct justifies dismissal.

• Covers the idea of misconduct, its categorization, and the specific types of gross misconduct, such as the abuse of drugs and alcohol, theft, dishonesty, harassment, and discrimination against coworkers, clients, or the employer. It also covers negligence, absenteeism, insubordination, leaking sensitive information, using the internet inappropriately, and conflicts of interest, among other things.

Along with academics, students, and others, the book has benefits for both the legal and non-legal working communities.


Chapter 1 Misconduct: Definition, Classification and Disciplinary Inquiry
Chapter 2 Disciplinary Punishment: Principle of Proportionality
Chapter 3 Absence Without Official Leave (AWOL)
Chapter 4 Habitual Tardiness
Chapter 5 Insubordination
Chapter 6 Drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace
Chapter 7 Theft of employer’s property
Chapter 8 Dishonesty
Chapter 9 Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination
Chapter 10 Conflict of interest
Chapter 11 Internet abuse at the workplace
Chapter 12 Disclosure of confidential information
Chapter 13 Gross Negligence
Chapter 14 Bringing Company’s Name into Disrepute
Chapter 15 Other Misconduct in Employment



ISBN: 9789674005467

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