English-Malay Contemporary Glossary (Governmental, Legal & Commercial) (E-book)

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English-Malay Contemporary Glossary (Governmental, Legal & Commercial) (E-book)

 Author Dr Arba’ie Sujud, Dr Hashim Musa, Dr Anandan Krishnan, Dr Raja Masittah Raja Ariffin, Dr Hasnan Mohamad
Publication Date 2015
ISBN 9789674005603
Format E-Book
Publisher LexisNexis


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The acclaimed author created this bilingual lexicon in response to the demand for a bilingual Kamus Kehakiman, Kerajaan dan Perdagangan with an emphasis on governmental, judicial, and commercial information that may be used in other Asean countries. This unique lexicon provides standard and accurate translations of the "words and phrases" necessary for actual courtroom litigation in addition to its thorough coverage of subject matter. This glossary can serve as a professional reference tool or manual for translators, a manual for writers trying bilingual publications, and a reasonable A-Z built-in dictionary at the secondary to professional levels. 

Key Features of English-Malay Contemporary Glossary (Governmental, Legal & Commercial):
- Makes it easier for the judiciary, the legal community, the government, and businesses to translate terms and phrases.
- Compiles all conceivable business situational, civil, and criminal courtroom terminology and provides exact translations.
- Compiles translations of words used by or for the branches of government that may be contested in court
- Offers legal translation of specialised and technical terms and expressions
- Gathers translations of commonly used phrases in government and commerce
- Offers appropriate linguistic translations of words for use in professional contexts.

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ISBN: 9789674005603

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