Environmental Law In Malaysia by Sheila Ramalingam | 2023 (E-Book)

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Environmental Law In Malaysia by Sheila Ramalingam | 2023 (E-Book)

Author Sheila Ramalingam
Publication Date Dec 2023
ISBN 9786297527499
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


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The study of rules governing how human activity affects the environment is referred to as environmental law. The goal should always be to create methods for human activities to be carried out on Earth that do not negatively impact the environment. It goes without saying that studying environmental law requires a broad approach. This is especially true in Malaysia, where environmental law is particularly complicated due to its intersections with administrative and constitutional law, common law, federal and state laws, subsidiary legislation, policies, guidelines, and human rights. This is a fast-moving area of the law, always changing.

The main topics of Malaysian environmental law are covered in detail in this book. The book starts with a summary of the national and international legal sources before examining the crucial connection between the environment and the Federal Constitution. Climate change is a contemporary issue that the book covers next. Particular attention is given to the prosecution and enforcement of environmental legislation in one chapter.

The Environmental Quality Act of 1974, which is the primary relevant legislation, is thoroughly examined in order to address its general administration, its regulation of pollutants, and the performance of environmental impact assessments. Since garbage, forests, and wildlife are important components of the ecosystem, these topics are thoroughly covered. The study of human rights and the environment, a topic of contemporary interest that has resulted in historic cases that have reached the Federal Court, concludes the thorough treatment of this book.

This current overview of the relevant legislation offers a useful collection of case law and statutes that work to safeguard, maintain, and improve Malaysia's environmental conditions.

Key Features of Environmental Law In Malaysia:

  • An critical and comprehensive perspective on Malaysian environmental protection.
  • An overview of the many facets of law that make up this topic.
  • discussion of the state of international law and the issues surrounding climate change today.
  • examination of the environmental protections outlined in the constitution.
  • thorough explanation of how the Environmental Quality Act of 1974 works.
  • research on how environmental impact assessments are carried out.
  • examination of waste-related national and international regulations.
  • clarification of the steps taken to save the woods and wildlife.
  • Application of human rights to environmental conservation is discussed.
  • citation of several national and international laws, agreements, and guidelines.

Contents of Environmental Law In Malaysia:

  1. Introduction
  2. Sources of Environmental Law in Malaysia
  3. International Law and the Environment
  4. Climate Change
  5. The Constitution and the Environment
  6. Environmental Litigation in Malaysia
  7. Environmental Quality Act 1974: General and Administration
  8. Environmental Quality Act 1974: Pollution
  9. Environmental Quality Act 1974: Environmental Impact Assessment
  10. Waste
  11. Forestry in Malaysia
  12. Wildlife in Malaysia
  13. Human Rights and the Environment
  14. Beyond Today: Into the Future

About the Author of Environmental Law In Malaysia:

Sheila Ramalingam is a Senior Lecturer at the Universiti Malaya Faculty of Law, where she teaches English for Law in the Bachelor of Jurisprudence degree, as well as environmental law, constitutional law, and tort law to undergraduate LLB students. She has over ten years of experience representing clients in a variety of civil, business, corporate, and tortious litigation and arbitrations as an advocate and solicitor of the High Court of Malaya. Her speciality was providing regulatory compliance advice on environmental, safety, and health matters to both domestic and international businesses.

Her experience includes preparing a report on environmental risks and liabilities for real estate owners in Malaysia for an international organisation, negotiating plea deals with the prosecution for lighter sentences, and reviewing environmental impact assessment reports for various multinational companies. She has also advised one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world and numerous multinational manufacturing companies on issues related to the environment, safety, and health. Sheila has a strong interest in both constitutional law and environmental law.

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