Essential Company Law In Malaysia By Chan Wai Meng


Essential Company Law In Malaysia By Chan Wai Meng

Author Chan Wai Meng
Publication Date 2017
ISBN 9789672049555
Soft Cover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


This book makes it simple to comprehend the new Malaysian company law system by outlining the legislation in a straightforward and comprehensive manner. To help the reader understand the legal framework governing corporations in Malaysia, frequent references to the Companies Act 2016's provisions are made. Concepts are illustrated, and references to cases are provided. In order to help with the study of more complex legal issues, a comparison is made with the previous arrangement under the Companies Act of 1965.

To ensure that the reader has a thorough comprehension of the material provided, each chapter opens with its learning objectives, then provides the key ideas in condensed paragraphs. The "Points to Ponder" section identifies challenging topics that may call for additional thought and discussion. Key sections from the Companies Act of 1965 and the Companies Act of 2016 are helpfully compared in the book's Appendix.

This book is particularly appropriate for non-legal degree holders doing corporate law courses as well as those sitting for the MAICSA, ACCA, and MIA exams. Also interested in learning more about the general legislation relating to companies and how the new Companies Act 2016 may affect their firm are practitioners searching for rapid solutions.

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ISBN: 9789672049555

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