Freeing The Market (A Handbook On Competition Law In Malaysia)

Freeing The Market (A Handbook On Competition Law In Malaysia)

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Freeing the market aims to entrepreneurs of all levels, corporate professional and the public a thoroughly readable reference on Competition law. This book incorporates up to date developments and every case law in Malaysia. It also features worldwide notorius cases which affect businesses and consumer everywhere. Some of the materials take into account of the thoughts at the authors on this subject. 

The book is divided in chapters including:

  • The history of Competition law 
  • Horizontal Agreements 
  • Vertical Agreements 
  • Abuse Of Dominant Position 
  • Relief and Exemptions from Liability 
  • Compliance 

It also highlight the most significant of recent decisions involving Google, Qualcomm, Airasia - Malaysia Airlines, European Truck Producers Cartel and the United States Supreme Court decision in Vitamin C litigation.


  • Foreword 
  • Preface 


  1.  Introduction 
  2.  Scope, Definitions and key Concept 
  3.  Cartels and Horizontal Agremeents 
  4.  Vertical Agreements
  5.  Abuse of Dominant Position in the Market 
  6.  Leniency and Undertaking 
  7.  Relief and Exemptions from Liability 
  8.  The Competition Commission Act 2010
  9.  Compliance 

Appendices -

  • Competition Act 2010
  • Malaysia Competition Commission Guidelines on Chapter 1 Prohibition Anti-Competitive Agreements 
  • Malaysian Competition Commission Guidelines on Chapter 2 Prohibition Abuse of dominant position