Keating On Construction Contracts 11th Ed. (South Asian Reprint) by Stephen Furst & Vivian Ramsey | 2022

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Keating On Construction Contracts 11th Ed. (South Asian Reprint) by Stephen Furst & Vivian Ramsey | 2022

Author  Stephen Furst , Vivian Ramsey
Publication Date  Oct 2022
ISBN  9789393702883
Publisher  Sweet & Maxwell

 A well-established resource in the field of construction law, Keating on Construction Contracts is often the first choice for researchers exploring the historical and foundational aspects of building contracts. Recognized for its user-friendly language and trusted expertise, this publication comprehensively addresses relevant legislation, case law, EC law, as well as key contract forms such as FIDIC, NEC3, JCT Forms, and ICE Conditions of Contract.

This book provides thorough and authoritative insights into construction contract-related matters for solicitors, barristers, and construction professionals. It delivers comprehensive guidance in a concise manner, covering legal principles, scrutinizing court rulings, examining standard contract templates, and interpreting statutory provisions.

The second supplement to the 11th edition of the book brings it up to date by incorporating recent legal developments and legislative changes, which include:

  • Addresses revisions in the field of Public Procurement law.
  • Provides a comprehensive commentary on the significant amendments introduced by the Building Safety Act.
  • Discusses the ruling in the Triple Point Technology v PTT case, which deals with the recovery of liquidated damages in termination scenarios.
  • Examines the case of Times Travel v Pakistan International Airlines, focusing on the concept of economic duress.
  • Analyzes the Khan v Meadows case, which explores the extent of the duty of care, and the Tinkler v Revenue and Custom Commissioners case, which pertains to estoppel by convention.
  • Covers Court of Appeal decisions on various matters, such as whether a collateral contract may be considered a "construction contract" under the HGCRA, the offsetting of damages against gains made by an innocent party, assessing damages in light of subsequent events, proving cases through sampling and extrapolation, the admissibility of expert evidence, and the recoverability of mediation costs.


Table of Contents of Keating On Construction Contracts 11th Ed. (South Asian Reprint) | 2022 :

Chapter 1 The Nature of a Construction Contract
Chapter 2 Formation of Contract
Chapter 3 Construction of Contracts
Chapter 4 The Right to Payment and Varied Work
Chapter 5 Employer’s Approval and Architect’s Certificates
Chapter 6 Excuses for Non-performance
Chapter 7 Negligence, Economic Loss, Liability to Third Parties and Nuisance
Chapter 8 Delay and Disruption Claims
Chapter 9 Financial Recovery and Causation
Chapter 10 Liquidated Damages and Penalties
Chapter 11 Default of the Parties ¬– Various Matters
Chapter 12 Various Equitable Doctrines and Remedies
Chapter 13 Assignments, Substituted Contracts and Sub-contracts
Chapter 14 Architects, Engineers and Surveyors
Chapter 15 Public Procurement
Chapter 16 Various Legislation
Chapter 17 Arbitration
Chapter 18 The Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996
Chapter 19 Litigation
Chapter 20 Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 21 The JCT Standard Form of Building Contract (2011 EDN)
Chapter 22 The Infrastructure Conditions of Contract, 2014 EDN
Chapter 23 NEC3 Contract
Chapter 24 The FIDIC Standard Forms
Appendix A The Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 as Amended by the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009
Appendix B The Scheme for Construction Contracts (England and Wales) Regulations 1998, as Amended


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