Lady of Justice (Bronze) | Large


Lady of Justice (Bronze) | LARGE

Height: 17 Inches


The Lady of Justice (Bronze) is a majestic and iconic sculpture that symbolizes the embodiment of justice, fairness, and righteousness in many cultures and legal systems around the world. It is one of the various representations of Lady Justice, a personification of the moral force that governs law and order.

The sculpture typically depicts a female figure standing tall and regal, often blindfolded to symbolize impartiality and the unbiased nature of justice. In her left hand, she holds the Scales of Justice, which represent the balanced weighing of evidence and the fair evaluation of arguments in legal proceedings. The scales are suspended from a balanced beam, indicating that justice is dispensed without favoritism or prejudice.

In her right hand, the Lady of Justice often wields a sword, a symbol of the power and authority to enforce the law. This sword represents the swift and decisive action that is necessary to maintain order and protect the innocent. The combination of the scales and the sword signifies the harmony between the careful deliberation of justice and the swift execution of its decisions.

The bronze material used in the sculpture not only adds a timeless and classical touch to the artwork but also symbolizes the strength and durability of justice, which remains steadfast throughout the ages.

The Lady of Justice (Bronze) serves as a poignant reminder that the principles of justice and fairness are essential pillars of any civilized society. Whether displayed in courtrooms, legal institutions, or public spaces, this sculpture stands as a powerful symbol of the moral principles that guide the legal system and the collective desire for a just and equitable world.

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